Wallowing in my Karo Pancake Syrup

This post is difficult for me to type.  Apologies if the letters are a bit smudged from my tears.

You see, I was raised on Karo Syrup – not just the corn syrup for baking delicious pecan pie – but the pancake syrup for pancakes, waffles, and French toast. It was instilled in my sisters and me that Karo Syrup IS the best, and it’s because our Great Grandfather had stocks in Karo that he survived The Great Depression.  All hail the Mighty Karo!  If it was good enough to get you through The Depression, it’s good enough for us!

But truly, Karo ruined me to all other syrups.  It’s perfect amount of sweetness – not too sweet.  It’s perfect consistency – super thick.  What IS that nonsense Maple Syrup you get at restaurants?  WHHHHYYYYY does nothing come CLOSE to being as delicious as Karo?  To this day all other Maple Syrup has an odd taste to me.  It’s too sweet and too runny.

At the grocery stores I visited in Chicago, they carry Karo Corn Syrup, but not the Pancake Syrup.  And because the 100% Organic Fine Vermont Maple Syrup still tastes odd to me, I made the tragic mistake four days ago of looking up ol’ Karo online to try and figure out why places would consciously choose to not carry this condiment delicacy.  Please take a gander at the ingredients listed under the nutritional label.

This is where it’s difficult for me to hold back my emotions.  Karo Pancake Syrup is NOT Maple Syrup.  It is CORN syrup SWEETENED with high fructose CORN syrup, and then FLAVORED with artificial maple flavor.  I have been eating maple flavored corn sweetened corn!  Oooh, I feel deceived. Lied to.

Sherlock Frustrated

Sigh.  In conclusion, if you’re of the mind you should not ingest high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors and flavors, then stay far, far away from Karo Pancake Syrup.  If you don’t care about that health stuff, then eat up!  It’s DELICIOUS!

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