V is for Vega

“Do you know anything about this protein stuff?”
– Customer staring at the neverending wall of protein powders

I get that question on a daily basis, and I think to myself, “How much time do you have?”  I know a lot about protein powders, and not because I’m a superior athlete, but I have a history of digestive malfunctions.  To give my intestines a helping hand, I replace one meal with a shake, and have done so since 2001.  Yep, me and proteins go wayyyy back.

So today I’m sharing what’s up with Vega. (myvega.com)  This company has a neat history, with the founder and owner being a professional Ironman triathelete and heavily involved with the products and promotions.  All Vega products (They have snacks, bars, powders, and various supplements.) are Vegan and gluten/soy/dairy free and contain no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.  Several products are non-GMO.

I was first introduced to Vega in 2010 with the Chocolate Vega One.  It was chalky mockolate with a hint of doo-doo.  I specifically told the girl I wanted a shake that tastes SO fantastic, I forget it’s healthy and think it’s a chocolate milk shake.  She led me astray.  Since I was stuck with my $30 tub of chalky doo-doo, I managed to conceal the allotted scoop among the almond milk, banana, and peanut butter.  I also mixed it with cold coffee and coconut milk – mockalate latté.

But wait!  There’s hope!  After meeting with a darling Vega representative in 2013, I’m pleased to report that Vega has been reformulated, repackaged, and is [mostly] great.

Vega has three protein powder options: Vega Protein Smoothie, Vega One, and Vega Sport.  Today, students, we’ll chit chat about the Protein Smoothie and Vega One.  We’ll save Vega Sport for another post.

Protein Smoothie

– Do you make gourmet smoothies?
– Do you have a vast assortment of smoothie recipes?
– Are you wondering how to boost the protein in your delicious smoothies?
– Perhaps you’re dabbling with DIY protein bar recipes?
If yes, then this is for YOU!
– 15 grams of protein
– 2 servings of veggies
– 90 cal0ries
This is the perfect protein boost to your already delicious and nutritious smoothies.  It comes in 5 flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla are good; Natural and Tropical are fine; Berry* tastes like mega monster dingle berry doo-doo.  There is no hiding that nonsense.

Vega One

– Are you lazy?
– Are you super busy?
– Does the idea of drinking your entire meal sound enticing?
If yes, this is for YOU!
– 15 grams of protein
– 6 grams of fiber
– 1.5 grams Omega 3s
– 1 billion probiotics
– 3 servings of veggies
Vega One is my favorite because I’m busy AND lazy.  I’m busy being lazy.  One scoop contains the nutrients of an entire meal.  The calorie content ranges from 123-146, depending on the flavor, and I tend to spruce it up a bit to make sure I’m getting around 300 calories.  Vega One has a smoother consistency and sweeter taste than the Protein Smoothie, making it easier to mix it with water or milk in a blender shaker cup.  I love the Chocolate and Vanilla Chai – very rich tasting.  I really like the Viva Vanilla – very fresh and light, made for a “vanilla person.”  Neutral – huh?  Don’t you dare come near my face with that Berry.*  That stuff is GROSS.

Now go forth to thy supermarket and feel more confident with thine protein powder decision making!

you dun good

*I’ll be a super-nice devil’s advocate & pass along this tidbit from customers: “I mix the Berry with a cup of strawberries and almond milk and it tastes just like a strawberry milkshake!”  …to that I say, “You do you, boo boo.”

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