Working on my Day Off

Today I auditioned for Disney.  Disney Cruise Lines.  For the role of Ursula.

As a child I remember seeing Drag Queens: beautiful women, fabulous, and oh so charismatic, and telling my mom that’s what I wanted to be when I grew up.  She quickly squashed that dream, telling me it wasn’t possible.  It wasn’t until many, many years later I understood why.  Imagine my glee when I see a casting call for the role of Ursula, because let’s face it, that’s as close to Fabulous-o Drag Queen as I can get.

Auditions are the necessary evil for the working actor to perpetuate their career.  I treat them as work, have survived hundreds of them, but I haven’t yet mastered the art of auditioning where I can just “pop in” nonchalantly.  It takes my full focus just to keep my nerves at bay.  “Fake it til ya make it.”  Also, having auditioned for Disney before, I know they do multiple rounds of callbacks after the initial audition, which quickly eats up your entire day.  Knowing this about myself and Disney, I was super responsible with my Grocery Store job and requested this day off a month ago.

Now picture my surprise when I get 2 texts and a voicemail from my supervisor at the grocery store.  My stomach quickly knots and I check my google calendar.  Whew, definitely not scheduled to work THAT job today.  What does she want?  I listen to the message and heave a huge sigh of relief…which quickly turned into annoyance.  She needed to ask me a question that, not only did I not know the answer, but it did NOT pertain to me in the slightest.  I am a nobody at the grocery store.  I clock in, I’m nice to everyone, I get the job done, and I clock out.  You’re a supervisor!

I made the mistake of responding to my supervisor (via text), to which she then kept me in the loop of what was going on.  I don’t care.  Tomorrow I will care.  I will care so hard tomorrow, I’ll even offer helpful solutions.  The store will survive this one day without me.  This is my day off, and today I’m a working actor.  Please.  For my soul.  Let me be a working actor and enjoy a day off from food retail and customer service.

…I didn’t get the part.
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