Grocery Olympics

What are the Grocery Olympics, you ask?  Why, the Holidays, of course!  ‘Tis the season when we remain cheery and bright, while providing you all your grocery and last minute gift giving needs.  Oh yes, while customers come in tired, cold, cranky, frantic, and NOT in the mood, we reward this poor behavior with delightful overcompensation.

conga-lineI love the holidays; many of my coworkers are the living embodiment of Ebeneezer Scrooge (pre-haunting), and it is easy for them to feed into your frantic negativity.  I do not understand it.  I am here with no family.  I think I might go see a movie so I don’t have to report back to the parentals that I stayed at home with Netflix on Thanksgiving.  I moved here to pursue a dream, and I am making dear sacrifices.  I graciously accept this, because there are MILLIONS of people alone during the holidays.

Here’s a toast to all my friends and family with SOs in the military, my friends pursuing The Dream called acting, my friends in the medical field who will be on-call, and every other minimum wage retail worker who will be working.  Cheers!  You have not gone unnoticed.

A ToastBut for the customers coming in, complaining on having to cook for their family… YOU GET TO COOK FOR YOUR FAMILY!  That’s such a gift.  You have no right to be grumpy or complain.  And most importantly, you have absolutely no right to take your frustration out on the low-wage workers diligently working to help make your holiday a success.

Sure, you may have to force a chuckle or two at Uncle Dave’s terrible jokes.
Sure, you may have to remind Grandma you’re old enough to sit at the adult table.
Sure, you may have to remind your cousin Rob you stopped eating your boogers 30 years ago.

But isn’t that what family is?  You didn’t choose these people, and yet you’re stuck with them for life.  That’s why I don’t understand all the stress.  Your family isn’t going to walk out on your Thanksgiving dinner if you don’t have 4 desserts prepared.  They also aren’t going to care if you bought the rolls.

So cheer up, Charlie!  And think about all that food…

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