Happy New Year! Now detox.

Three weeks ago, on January 5, 2015, I started writing this New Year’s post.  I was emerging from the depths of the flu and dealing with a totaled car.  I have not had the flu since 2004 in college, and I forgot just how utterly miserable it is.  It’s so miserable that nothing else matters – like my totaled car.  While buried under a pile of heavy blankets in a drug induced coma, my aunt came in to inform me that my parked car had been hit.  “Oh, that’s ok.  It’ll be fine,” was my whispered response.  What?  No!  Two weeks later after $7000 of repairs, my precious girl is NOW ok.  Thanks State Farm!

To say I lacked the energy and mental capacity to compile a witty, informative blog post is a major understatement.  Then my brain brings to light other writers’ situations and the things they were/are dealing with:

– Jean-Dominique Bauby wrote The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by blinking his left eye to a transcriber after being paralyzed in a car accident.  (They turned the book into a beautiful film, which I highly recommend.  I sobbed through 75% of it.)
– Stephen Hawking.
– My hilarious college roommate blogs almost daily while living in a hospital room with her spunky 2 year old son who has Down Syndrome AND leukemia.

Ughhh…I get it.  I’m suffering from post-flu laziness.  Just like the lingering cough that serves as a reminder that I was sick a MONTH ago, my brain wants to continue resting and spending all free time watching Netflix.  You know, because I was sick.

Cameron Dying

I still go to work.  …just not much else.  Now January is the month we all have New Year’s resolutions shoved down our throats – everywhere you turn –

Gone are all the warm, festive holiday decorations, replaced with all the detox and cleansing essentials to help you poop out your guts achieve your New Year’s Resolutions.  “Detox” has become such a hot word; everyone wants to rid their bodies of harmful toxins.  And why not?  Let’s help our bodies run efficiently, boost energy, slow the aging process!  But what about those of us that regularly eat healthy?  We go to the gym throughout the year, yet we – I – still lack energy and drive.

It’s time for a mind cleanse.  Changing the mind set.  I’m dreading it already, because let’s face it – I LOVE staying in bed all day, but I know that’s not productive or sustainable.  Forget the New Year’s Resolutions, which you may have already ditched by this point, and take on the day with one doable task on the list.  Even accomplishing one thing on that to do list fills me with pride.  Today?  I’m limiting myself to only two episodes of Vampire Diaries.

Ice Cube Good Day

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