The Ghost of Pumpkins Past

The winter holidays are long over, yet the Ghost of Pumpkins Past still linger sporadically throughout the store.  Various pumpkin spice teas, milks, and creamers, that while delicious, didn’t manage to sell out, and now it just feels weird and out of place.  It’s not your fault, pumpkin.  We humans are fickle.  We’re obsessed with you for three months and then cast you aside.  We actually still believe fall is pumpkin season, although the pumpkin source most Americans ate in 2014 came from a can.

I expressed before how much I love pumpkin and what an asset it is to your body, but even I have my limits.  It happened suddenly – out of nowhere.  I just couldn’t do it anymore.  And it’s all thanks to Amazing Grass PUMPKIN SPICE GREENS.


I like Amazing Grass Green Superfood.  They’re a great way to help reach your daily allotment of fruits and veggies, and they have a great assortment of flavors to please your preference.  I used to be an Original girl when I made my smoothies with fresh produce.  Now I just mix the Chocolate with almond or coconut milk and use it as an afternoon sweet treat.  Hey!  Chocolate veggies!

So when they came out with the holiday blend Pumpkin Spice Superfood Greens, what could go wrong?  EVERYTHING.  Everything that was going on in my mouth at that moment was WRONG.  It was like Vanilla Chai’s weird cousin you had to invite to the birthday party to be nice.  I saw the good.  I saw the potential.  But in the end, it Product Imagepeed in the ball-pit.

To make matters worse, they also made a weird big sister: Pumpkin Spice Amazing Meal. Amazing Meal is Amazing Grass’s all-inclusive shake: protein, greens, and probiotics.  If you are looking for a more affordable raw, vegan protein, this isn’t bad.  Not great tasting, but good for ya.  On a morning where I don’t get enough sleep, I will mix the Cafe Mocha with cold coffee.  Zing!

To be fair, if you are looking for a protein powder that includes pumpkin, the Pumpkin Spice Amazing Meal actually uses pumpkin seed protein as one of the four protein sources.  The Superfood Greens, however, have absolutely no trace of pumpkin anywhere in that canister – only “natural pumpkin spice flavor.”  What?  No pumpkin??? I’m done.

And with that, my pumpkin spice adventure has come to an end.   — until late 2015, when the wind begins to feel brisk again, and the leaves start to turn.  And even then, I prefer to find my pumpkin in actual food.

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