I Love Coffee

I love coffee.

I adore coffee.

The Real Housewives : Wine :: Me : Coffee

It’s true.  I’m that annoying person who will order coffee at a bar.  What can I say?  Booze typically makes me sleepy, and a Tired Me does not a fun night out make.  My love for coffee began at an early age.  My parents are huge coffee drinkers, as are my grandparents and all extended family.  When you’re surrounded by that enticing aroma and warmth, you naturally want to taste it, and my parents willingly obliged.  I remember at 4 or 5 years old my mom putting a couple spoonfuls of coffee into my milk.  My dad would let me share a few sips of his morning…and dinner coffee(s).

Don’t you worry, I didn’t become a regular coffee drinker until I was an adult in high school.

TomsMindBlownWhich is why March 23-29, my decision to give up coffee, was HUGE.

It all started when my coworkers made fun of how much I sleep.  They continued to further diagnose me with an adrenal imbalance.  Honestly I don’t think I sleep that much.  The recommended amount is 8, but I function better with 9 hours of sleep.  I also am NOT a napper.  A nap completely ruins my day.  I know this about myself and plan accordingly.  However, if you let me, say I have a completely free day, I can easily sleep for 11-12 hours.

I really don’t think it’s me; I think the Mid-West in general doesn’t respect sleep.  Everyone I talk to is attempting to function on 5-6 hours (if that).  The large amount of customers looking for energy boosting products is insane.

Sidenote  – Here’s a few questions I ask customers at least five times a day:

“How much water are you drinking?”
“Are you taking a B12 or B Complex?”
“Are you turning off all electronics at least an hour before bed?”
“Are you familiar with maca?”

sendin my chi

Nevertheless, I listened to my coworkers and followed up by reading various online articles, which led me to believe that I may actually have an adrenal issue.  Don’t judge me.  You know if I started listing the signs of having parasites, ticks, chicken pox, and Bubonic Plague, you would start “feeling” the symptoms.  Interestingly, each adrenal health article started the saaaaaame way: Give up the coffee.
Will Smith No                                                                                                                                  …So I did.

A few obvious things happened that I should have expected, but still caught me off guard.  1. The monstrous headache that radiated from the base of my skull and traveled all the way up and over my cranium into my eyeballs.
2. I was exhausted, but it wasn’t a tired feeling from lack of sleep.  It was a weary brain fog that I couldn’t shake.

Then the things that surprised me:
1. I couldn’t motivate myself to workout.  I felt so fatigued.  Towards the end of the week I was feeling so gross and lethargic I had to do SOMETHING.  So I mentally wrestled with myself to just watch an episode of Vampire Diaries while on the stationary bike – because something is better than nothing.  …I think I burned 200 calories.
2. SWEEEETS!  I craved carbs & sugar like nobody’s business.  (I really tried not to give in.)
2. I drank WAAAAY more water!
3. I drank more green tea!
4. I tried Vega Sport Pre-Workout Accelerator!  …I didn’t work out, but I did clean my whole apartment.
5. I started reading articles about the benefits of coffee.

bstcfMarch 30, 2015
I made it!
I brewed a pot of coffee and sipped the sweet, sweet nectar into my soul.*

I immediately noticed a positive turn-around.  This entire week I felt energized and focused: I worked out everyday until Good Friday!  Oooooh, it felt good to be back.

My affinity for sweets disappeared.  No refined sugar here, thank you!

Most importantly, I was satiated with a proper portion of coffee – and I’m mindful about it.  Oh, you mean 16 oz of coffee should be more than enough?  Sigh, moderation really is key.  …It just tastes so good.  When that 2-3pm lull came, rather than thinking “I need another coffee.”  I truly thought to myself, “How much water have I had today?”  “Did I take a B12?”

That’s what I believe the moral of my experiment was about: Wake up!  Don’t be a slave drone to the coffee industry.  Listen to your body.

Happy Driving Thumbs Up
*I typically enjoy my coffee straight up with a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk.  On days where I enjoy a more relaxed morning, I indulge with coconut oil and butter.  Mmmmm…


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