I Want Candy

I have a candy problem.

10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Have A Sweet Tooth
Not a REAL candy problem.  Instead, I have an expensive, gourmet candy problem called MARICH.  Once you try Marich chocolates or candies, you can never go back to the conventional crap.  They’re probably best known for their chocolate.  Marich makes chocolate covered nuts and dried fruits.  It’s all good; if you love chocolate, it’s all good.  But there are two stand-outs that I absolutely cannot refuse if I see them:
Coconut Curry Cashews
Coconut Curry Cashews Candy: 5LB Bag
Let me preface by saying I’ve never been to India.  But these babies are exactly what I imagine India to taste like – NOT over-crowded, polluted India, but tropical waterfalls and family gatherings India.  Maybe because of the coconut, they taste a little like Thailand as well.  Point is, you put one of these in your mouth, close your eyes, and as it begins melting, you are swiftly transported to the other side of the world, and it is gorgeous.  It is sweet, subtly spicy, and highly addicting.  I also placed a few in my lap while wearing a grey skirt; the yellow is never coming out of that skirt.  The curry is real, people.  The curry is real.
All Natural Jelly Beans
All Natural Jelly Beans - Gourmet Flavor Mix: 10LB Case
I know, I know.  Jelly Beans?  Really?  Hear me out.  These are THE. BEST. JELLY BEANS.  I’m not playing.  They are so juicy and flavorful, and they don’t come with that sickly sugary aftertaste.  They are such a delight; I have changed the minds of adult jelly-bean haters all over Chicago!  Now, here’s the tricky thing about these beans.  In the Chicagoland area, I only see Marich All Natural Jelly Beans in a select few Whole Foods Markets in the bulk bins. (Code 9663, $12.99/pound – I’m not lying about my candy problem.)  The other WFM that don’t carry these, carry a different brand in their bulk bins called Jolly Beans by SunRidge Farms.  DO NOT BE CONFUSED!  LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES!  JOLLY BEANS ARE NOT MARICH ALL NATURAL JELLY BEANS!
Image result for jolly beans

See the difference?  Big difference.  Huge!  These are lacking in flavor, way too sweet, and have the consistency of the old school Brach’s Jelly Beans that we all hated, but still ate when they were the only sweets available at Grandma’s house.

But again, let me reiterate, I haven’t had any bad Marich candy.  Some of my favorite runner-ups are the Jordan Almonds, Chocolate Covered Cherries, and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cashews.  So, adult candy lovers unite!  There is a way to eat candy and not feel like an angsty teen.
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