City vs. Burbs

When you move anywhere, you generally have a few expectations, all to do with some aspect of change.  Whether it’s downsizing, up-sizing, cityizing, coutryizing, career changes, etc., it’s all change from your way of life up to that point.  Naturally … Continue reading

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I Love Coffee

I love coffee. I adore coffee. The Real Housewives : Wine :: Me : Coffee It’s true.  I’m that annoying person who will order coffee at a bar.  What can I say?  Booze typically makes me sleepy, and a Tired … Continue reading

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Smells Like Real Purity

A few months ago, I found a smattering of Real Purity body care products on my work desk, in hopes my coworkers and I would try and love them.  This post is slightly unconventional since we don’t carry this line … Continue reading

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G is for GOL

Waaayyy back in September I blogged about Vega protein powders, with the goal of blogging my reviews and opinions on every protein powder I try.  I’m behind. Today let’s talk about Garden of Life!  Two of their proteins I’m in … Continue reading

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Candida Don’t.

This past month has been one of growth and self-realization.  At this point I have now worked in grocery retail for 18 months, or 1.5 years for people without children, began a grocery blog, and opened a twitter account.  This … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Pumpkins Past

The winter holidays are long over, yet the Ghost of Pumpkins Past still linger sporadically throughout the store.  Various pumpkin spice teas, milks, and creamers, that while delicious, didn’t manage to sell out, and now it just feels weird and … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! Now detox.

Three weeks ago, on January 5, 2015, I started writing this New Year’s post.  I was emerging from the depths of the flu and dealing with a totaled car.  I have not had the flu since 2004 in college, and … Continue reading


Cranberry Sauce Scramberry Sauce

no. This Thanksgiving I put my foot down.  Both of them.  Yes, I worked Thanksgiving.  No, I didn’t feel like cooking, but by golly, I refused to eat cranberry sauce out of a can.  Let’s just be honest and call … Continue reading

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Grocery Olympics

What are the Grocery Olympics, you ask?  Why, the Holidays, of course!  ‘Tis the season when we remain cheery and bright, while providing you all your grocery and last minute gift giving needs.  Oh yes, while customers come in tired, … Continue reading

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Continuing the Pumpkin Spice Quest

My quest to try as many [healthier] pumpkin spice beverages continues, as there seems to be a neverending supply available.  Due to the amount of time which passed since my last post, I managed to try a good number of … Continue reading

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