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Comfort Cravings

BEHOLD! THE LOCO MOCO! I’m letting you into my dark side of a mostly healthy lifestyle.  Loco Moco is my ultimate comfort food.  It’s salty meat, carbs, and fat, which I believe is the definition of comfort food. If you’re … Continue reading

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SHOTS! …Beet Shots

Beets are the new black. …or something like that. Like all vintage-y things in this Hipster era of neverending nostalgia, Beets have resurrected themselves over the past couple years from The Great Depression. Truth be told, I never gave the … Continue reading

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I Love Coffee

I love coffee. I adore coffee. The Real Housewives : Wine :: Me : Coffee It’s true.  I’m that annoying person who will order coffee at a bar.  What can I say?  Booze typically makes me sleepy, and a Tired … Continue reading

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G is for GOL

Waaayyy back in September I blogged about Vega protein powders, with the goal of blogging my reviews and opinions on every protein powder I try.  I’m behind. Today let’s talk about Garden of Life!  Two of their proteins I’m in … Continue reading

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Candida Don’t.

This past month has been one of growth and self-realization.  At this point I have now worked in grocery retail for 18 months, or 1.5 years for people without children, began a grocery blog, and opened a twitter account.  This … Continue reading

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Continuing the Pumpkin Spice Quest

My quest to try as many [healthier] pumpkin spice beverages continues, as there seems to be a neverending supply available.  Due to the amount of time which passed since my last post, I managed to try a good number of … Continue reading

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Poor, Poor Pumpkin

1ba·sic adjective \ˈbā-sik also -zik\ : forming or relating to the most important part of something : forming or relating to the first or easiest part of something : not including anything extra http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/basic Basic An adjective used to describe … Continue reading

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