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New Year, New You!

If today is any indication of how 2016 will be, I am worried.  I feel mentally, emotionally, and physically drained from the questions today. My favorite question: “Do you have a hair oil without oil in it?” The main problem … Continue reading

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City vs. Burbs

When you move anywhere, you generally have a few expectations, all to do with some aspect of change.  Whether it’s downsizing, up-sizing, cityizing, coutryizing, career changes, etc., it’s all change from your way of life up to that point.  Naturally … Continue reading

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Working on my Day Off

Today I auditioned for Disney.  Disney Cruise Lines.  For the role of Ursula. As a child I remember seeing Drag Queens: beautiful women, fabulous, and oh so charismatic, and telling my mom that’s what I wanted to be when I … Continue reading

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Mr. Art Critic

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  I can’t speak for all grocery stores, but the one I work for takes it’s work very seriously.  We are NOT setting out food for you to purchase.  No.  We are creating sculptures, of which you are invited to … Continue reading

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Closing Time

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“…You don’t have to go home, but you can’t. stay. HEREEEEEE!” After the sun goes down, the grocery customer demographic shifts to the “ers.”  Lonlier. Frantic-er. Crazier.  It’s not uncommon when I work the closing shift to have up to … Continue reading

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Trying to be Gluten Free

I am gluten free.  Four of my coworkers are gluten free.  When a customer comes in needing help in this area, we are your girls.  We know how overwhelming and time consuming label reading can be, and the anxiety you … Continue reading

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You Are What You Eat

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That’s such a cliché; I’m almost embarrassed writing it as the title.  Still, it remains appropriate for my first entry on this mind-blowing blog.  Brace yourselves. I never realized how personal grocery shopping was before this job.  In fact, I … Continue reading

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